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Monday, August 17, 2009

Downtown Chicago 1986

Visit Michigan Avenue, Daley Center, State Street, Buckingham Fountain and other sites around Downtown Chicago in the Spring of 1986.

Around May or June 1986, for high school AP English class, I created a music video by shooting scenes of Downtown Chicago on VHS. 23 years later, I've digitized the video. This re-cut video includes some of the original graphics created for the video on an Apple IIe and much of the original footage. The footage been reordered to present a video tour of downtown. With some of the tools in iMovie '09, a good deal of the "shake" in the original video has been stabilized, and the color of the faded VHS improved a bit -- though iMovie '09 isn't powerful enough to make it much better and, as I recall, the technique used for creating the original video involved something then called "Video Dubbing" which resulted in a second or even third generation copy.

Amazingly enough, YouTube's AudioSwap had Mozart's Symphony No. 25 in G minor which accompanied parts of this video in it's original form, so I've selected it for your listening pleasure.

Except for the YouTube AudioSwap added after upload:
©1986-2009 Alan S. Dalinka. All rights reserved.